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OPen Road Asia

From its humble beginnings as a passionate automobile collector and distributor, today OPen Road Asia is at the forefront in all major sectors of the automotive industry, namely Retailing, Auto Storage, Financing, and Racing.

We have also ventured into the creative industry to provide a variety of marketing solutions, thus delivering comprehensive, exceptional services and world-class products across all segments.

A Message from our Founder

OPen Road Asia was established as an organisation for those who’ve dedicated their multi-disciplinary and diverse experiences to constantly improve the automotive industry. This eventually set the foundation for our team to offer top-notch offerings and solutions for customers throughout the automotive community.

However it is not just about why OPen Road Asia exists, whom we serve, or what we do, but also how we do it. Our diversified yet structured ecosystem allows our people to be aligned across all segments to fulfill our customers’ needs for all-things automotive.

We believe this is an important differentiator because it allows our management to establish a long-term customer satisfaction goal, without any abrupt change of our vision, mission, philosophy, and core values.

With that, I welcome you to OPen Road Asia.

Dato David Goh
Dato’ David Goh
Founder and Group Advisor