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Timeless Preservation

OPen Road
Auto Storage

Located in Langkawi Island, the only gazetted tax-free cars zone in Peninsular Malaysia, OPen Road Auto Storage focuses on both short and long-term storage solutions catered to distinguished clients who want nothing but the very best storage facilities and services for their vehicles.

Key Services

What We Offer


24/7 Manned security workforce to ensure the safety of your cars.

Fully Insured Against Mishaps

We are the ONLY auto storage facility in Langkawi fully insured for burglary & theft, fire, flood and all-risks-in-transit.

Climatic Control

Conducive environment with constant temperature and managed humidity.

Personalised CCTV Access

Log-in to your own smartphone device to view your prized collections in our facilities, anytime and anywhere.

Dedicated Concierge

Personal butler to retrieve and take care of your prized vehicles.